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Kalahari horseriding in Namibia

Africa on horseback: 

We have 10 well-trained riding horses for guests up to a maximum of 85 kg (including riding clothes).
The open Kalahari with its endless red sandy soils and the direct contact with the game through horse and rider are a true riding paradise.

We offer a very versatile and individual riding program for advanced hobby riders to professional riders, min. 1 to max. 4 riders in a group.
Children only if they are already saddled, practiced and have riding training/experience.

The horses are in optimal condition, very well cared for, very trusting and do not bite, hit or kick. Our horses are farm horses (140cm - 160cm) that are used to the habitat, the climate and the game.

Saddles (Kiefer, Passier, Wintec, Barefoot, BerneyBrothers etc), trail saddles or cowboy saddles on request, bridles (Stubben; Kiefer) and riding accessories are in excellent condition. The standard is the “English riding style”.
Riding caps and chaps are provided, but we recommend bringing your own, perfectly fitting riding gear.

Guided horse rides into the Kalahari for advanced riders

Introductory ride into the Kalahari, so you can see if you get along with your horse and also to get to know the new feeling of a ride in the Kalahari.

Recommendation: Advanced riders only. This horse ride into the Kalahari is suitable for advanced hobby riders as well as professionals. 

Trail rides for advanced riders

In the morning, the horseback excursion takes you to various landscapes in the wildlife reserve. You decide the time of the ride. Rides of 1 to 3 hours are possible.

Recommendation: For (very) good riders only. You should feel safe on horseback in all three paces and yet have had riding lessons.

Small guided horseback safari "riding, glamping & hiking"

At sunset you will reach a rustic bush camp with your horse where you will spend the night. A good dinner under the stars and with a large campfire lets you experience the Kalahari up close. The next morning, after a light breakfast, you hike through the Kalahari back to the lodge, either accompanied by a bushman or using a hiking map. We will wait for you at the lodge at lunchtime and treat you to a hearty lunch.

Recommendation: No special riding skills (dressage, jumping or eventing) necessary. This horse ride into the Kalahari is suitable for advanced hobby riders as well as proffessionals.  

Kalahari Sunset Ride

All riders should undertake their first riding trip on Kuzikus in the morning so that the horse and rider can be found and selected correctly for more demanding afternoon rides.

In the early afternoon we go on horseback to a specific region of the protected area (salt pan, tree savannah, bush savannah, Kalahari dunes, etc.). A beautifully set table with a campfire atmosphere awaits you for your sundowner. Here the horses are unsaddled and allowed to run free. The guests return to the lodge under the starry sky by Land Rover.

Recommendation: No special riding knowledge (dressage, jumping or eventing) required, but you should be saddle-proof and master all 3 gaits, as well as have had riding lessons and experience with rides in nature. From experienced hobby riders to professionals, this excursion is suitable for every good rider.

Black Rhino Monitoring Ride

Our “Ride 4 The Black Rhino” control ride offers experienced riders an active participation in the black rhino protection project.

Recommendation: No special riding knowledge (dressage, jumping or eventing) required, but you should be able to ride and master all 3 gaits, as well as have had riding lessons and experience with trail rides. From experienced hobby riders to professional riders, this excursion is suitable for every good rider

Please note:

Unfortunately, spontaneous riding requests on site are not possible, only our riding packages as an activity in addition to overnight stays at our lodge.
Prices according to price list.
Additional activities can be flexibly booked on site.

Since we not only want to plan the horse management (farrier, dentist, vaccinations, training), but also want to provide the right horse for you, we ask you to provide us with the riding information you require when booking Kuzikus.
This allows us to adapt to your riding needs and guarantee a sustainable riding experience for you and our horses.

We require the following information from you upon request:

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