Sundwoner and game drive at Kuzikus Wildife Reserve
Giraffe observation at a Kuzikus nature drive
Abundance of wildlife at Kuzikus Wildlife Reserve
Sundowner at Kuzikus
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Game Drive at Kuzikus

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Kuzikus Nature drives

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Abundance of wildlife on Kuzikus

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Nature & Game Drives

During a game drive in a classic open-roof, Oldtimer Landrover, you have the opportunity to get an overview of the Wildlife Reserve Kuzikus.

We offer drives to several different biotopes, e.g. over grass covered dunes, through expansive saltpans, passing by thick bush or open tree savannas. On our way we learn about the resident animal species. As game drives are limited to 6 guests, we will always have time for in-depth animal observation, stopping for pictures or getting out of the car to try and stalk an animal.

Classic game drive (about 2 1/2 hours)

Explore different landscapes and wildlife of the Kalahari from classic Oldtimer.

Game drive with sundowner (about 2 1/2 hours)

Like on the classic gamedrive you will learn a lot about the African wildlife but extend your trip with a nice sundowner in the savanna, driving back to the Lodge under the mostly crystal clear night sky.

Bushman drive (about 3 hours)

A native San you will show you much of the fascinating flora and fauna that you will not see on conventional safaris.

Sitting game - drive to sit at a water hole

The Hide - Drive to a hide next to a waterhole and let the wildlife com to you.

Kuzikus Night-Drive - discover the nocturnal wildlife

In an open Oldtime Landrover we start for a late game-drive arriving at a scenic spot for a sundowner. Equipped with spotlights we will then search for nocturnal wildlife. The open Savanne landscape offers good visibility in the corridor the spotlight. You will be surprised how lively the Kalahari is even at night: Gennets, Bat-eared foxes, Aardwolf, Springhare, African Wildcats and Aardvark are regular encounters.