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Our company's philosophy and action plan:

Sustainability is the future. At least 15% of our annual turnover and the largest part of our profits are invested directly into the innovation of new ideas and concepts for research and nature conservation projects or as enrichment to nature connected tourism. Over the past 30 years, we have financed the conversion of an original cattle farm into an ecologically valuable nature reserve and have overseen the successful re-introduction of highly endangered animals, such as the Black Rhino (Diceros bicornis bicornis).
Furthermore, we are the initiator of the BRINK-program (Biological Research in Kuzikus), which will in future offer scientific information vital to the decision making process of the nature reserve’s management. It also offers young biologists training and research possibilities. Our experience and our knowledge of the Kalahari habitat are passed on to our guests through the Kalahari Wilderness Course.


We are close to nature, small and easy-going. Unlocking the secrets of nature is only possible with a few people at a time and in close contact with nature. By means of individual care for each guest and by “discovering the bush on foot”, an overall respect for nature and consideration for such a delicate ecosystem as the Kalahari is promoted.

As a family business, we greatly value a private atmosphere. For this reason we do not accept campers or one-day visitors, and only offer room for 9 guests at the most.

Think globally, act locally. We keep in close contact with nature friends in the entire world and have direct connections to international scientific institutions. Being personally on the farm itself, we can oversee projects and guarantee direct, unbureaucratic and effective nature conservation.