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Voluntourists on Kuzikus Wildlife Reserve

It is our vision to transform Kuzikus into sustainable Wildlife Reserve that provides:

1. exclusive and authentic nature experiences / holidays
2. high quality education in applied biological sciences
3. cutting edge research for sustainable land use in semi arid regions
4. focused species specific conservation
5. sustainable eco-products and bio-foods

Kuzikus is a wildlife reserve, inhabiting over 3000 wild animals, including the critically endangered black rhino. The reserve is financed by ecotourism and natural resource 6 wildlife management. Kuzikus Wildlife Reserve lies 180 km south-east of Windhoek in the middle of the Kalahari, far from any kind of civilization. On the Reserve there is the main complex with lodge, office and two privately owned houses as well as an employees village and a research/voluntourist tented camp. The employees village and the research/voluntourist camp are about 0,5 and 1 km from the main complex, respectively.

Kuzikus does offer a rustic tented camp with en-suite shower / toilet.
The accommodation is on self catering basis. This means that Kuzikus is providing food for breakfast, lunch and dinner in a fully fitted kitchen at the tented camp where voluntourists can then cook for themselves.

Wildschutzgebiet Kalahari - Wildlife Reserve Namibia
More Infos:

Volunteers will be based in the research/voluntourist tented camp with en-suite shower and toilet 1 km away from the lodge. The tent is shared with max 1 other voluntourist. There is also a fully equipped kitchen for self-catering. Food for breakfast lunch and dinner will be provided.

We charge 990.-Euros per volunteer for 21 days
and 280.- for every additional week.

We see our volunteers as tourists who want to be involved in the day to day work on the reserve to experience the truly authentic Africa. During their stay they will gain insights into tourism, as well as farm maintenance and conservation work by working hands on in our experienced team. There will be no scheduled program as such, as work is flexible for upcoming events. Managing a wildlife reserve requires enormous
flexibility and quick action, as you may encounter an injured animal in the field to be dealt with, fences broken by aardvarks to be fixed, waterholes to be checked, rhinos patrolled, mechanics on land rovers, help out in research field studies as well as public awareness events for lodge visitors. Our Volunteers are quickly integrated in the local team. Though work can be hard, the lifestyle is balanced with plenty spare time, social interaction, game viewing and comfort.

Our volunteers are part of a diverse team with wildlife ecologists, Land Rover mechanists, bushmen trackers, fencing experts, conservationists, horse tracking guides...everyone involved in maintaining a nature reserve within the Kalahari wilderness.

This volunteer position is perfectly suited to everyone who enjoys the solitude, living among wild animals and being involved in sometimes also physically demanding work. If you show flexibility and genuine interest in cultural and natural conservation we will ensure that you will learn a lot about our country, nature conservation, tourism and wildlife management in Southern Africa and gain a very authentic experience of life on a wildlife reserve in the Kalahari.

Why not take your partner or friend an enjoy Kuzikus on a voluntourist basis together. It will be a lifetime experience to share forever.

There might be very limited opportunity to go into town unless you book your own transfer. It is therefore important that you are capable of dealing with and enjoying the solitude and nature as well as being able to find your place in the Kuzikus team. However there is always an opportunity to give a private shopping list to the one responsible for the catering or even to join in to help on the long shopping trip to Windhoek.

There is permanent cell phone reception and the possibility to connect to WLAN in the volunteer kitchen.

There will be plenty of opportunities to get out into the field by game drive, horseback or during farm work.

The Kuzikus Team:
Kuzikus is a family run organization. Volunteers will be working together with the following primary coordinators:

Dr Friedrich (74) & Hiltrud Reinhard (70)
Founder, Owner and Directors overseeing the Black Rhino Project, garden, wildlife management, horses, advisory capacities.

Berend (35) & Nichola Reinhard (33)
Management. Strategy and finance management, practical farm work, wilderness courses, game drives, presentations as well as lodging & catering, administration, horses

Dr. Friedrich jun. Reinhard (36)
Management: concept development, Research, Garage, practical farm work, hunting, wilderness courses, game drives, PR, Fundraising.

Johanna Reinhard (33)
Manager of Volunteer Camp. Strategic advisory capacities for research programs, planning and realization of research & Volunteer projects, research student care, presentations.

Alina Reisenauer (46)
Organization of bookings, Marketing

Other long term permanent staff
Johannes & David (Chefs de cuisine), Gous, Beregho (Farm maintenance, tracking guides), Wilhelm (Catering & room service), Betina, Rita and Rebecka and Evelin (housekeeping & service), Daniel (Fence work) as well as Shivute & David (gardens & farm work).


  • You will have to book a transfer for 95.- Euros one way. We gladly assist you in booking the transfer.
  • flight costs are not included, you will have to pay these yourself
  • Specific wishes concerning food and soft drinks as well as alcohol have to be paid for as well.

Daily Itinerary
Work starts at 7:30 am, Mon - Friday. Every morning you will have a short meeting with your supervisor. From 12:00 – 15:00 there will be a lunch break.
At 15:00 pm you will meet again with your supervisor to discus the structure of the afternoon. Work ends at 18:00 pm. Like for breakfast volunteers will cater for their own lunch and dinner in the fully fitted kitchen. Utensils are provided.

Traveling Information:
You will receive your tourist visa of 3 months upon arrival in Namibia, a 6 month visa can be applied for. Please do not mentioned Working, helping or taking a summer job. You must be entering the country on a tourist visa. Please also take out a Travel cancellation Insurance and Medical Insurance valid for abroad.

How to apply
Please send your CV as well as a motivation letter (one app. 250 words), specifically mentioning your skills that can benefit tourism & conservation work on Kuzikus. Also mention the time and possible dates you would wish to visit us as a voluntourist.
Due to the high interest of voluntourists we will choose those applicants most suited for upcoming projects. Any education in craftsmanship like mechanics, woodwork, plumbing or cooking will benefit your application significantly.

Basic requirements:

  • Above 18 years old
  • Interest in conservation, tourism & biology
  • Capable of speaking English (working language with employees is English although most of us speak German)
  • You can work self-driven.
  • The solitude, the heat and the large expanse of nature should not discomfort you, but trigger excitement instead.
  • You are flexible and capable of mastering new and unfamiliar situations.
  • You can identify yourself with the vision of Kuzikus
  • You are considerate and put-together in your appearance in front of visiting tourists and staff at the lodge.

For more Information please contact us per email

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