Sunset in the Kuzikus Wildlife Reserve
Kuzikus Wildebeest
Vultures on a tree
Redeyed Bulbul - Bird life Kuzikus
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Sunset in the Camelthorn forest

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Redeyed Bulbul

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We offer an exciting variety of activities to discover the fascinating flora and fauna on Kuzikus:

  • Kalahari Excursion with Biologists Dr. Friedrich or Berend Reinhard
    - Kalahari Botany – Plants and their ecology
    - Ornithology – Birds of Kuzikus
    - Wildlife Management – An insight into sustainable wildlife utilization
  • Kalahari Game drive in the morning
  • Kalahari sunset drive - Game drive with Sundowner
  • Rhino tracking
  • Tracking with bushman – early morning excursion with native San
  • Kuzikus Night-Drive - discover the nocturnal Kalahari fauna
  • The Hide - Drive to a hide next to a waterhole and let the wildlife come to you
  • guided Horseback riding for beginners and children
  • guided Horseback excursions in the morning for advanced riders
  • guided Horseback Sunset Ride with sundowner for advanced riders
  • 1 1/2 days authentic Africa „Horseback riding, glamping & tracking
  • Kalahari Ranger course
  • Kalahari Glamping – a night with rustic candlelight dinner & camping in the Savanna
  • Daily scenic flight excursions from Kuzikus to Sossusvlei, 4x4 Trail to Dunes & Lunch
  • hiking trails and bush walkways

    For your own safety please be aware off our Rhino caution tips
  • Kalahari Biologen Exkursionen

    Wilderness Excursions

    An excursion into the Kalahari on our wildlife reserve Kuzikus offers the right conditions for an in-depth immersion into nature. The only possibility to establish a direct contact with nature, understand it, elicit some secrets and to see what treasures she carries is within a small group of participants.


  • Kuzikus Pirschfahrten

    Nature & Game Drives

    We offer drives to several different biotopes, e.g. over grass covered dunes, through expansive saltpans, passing by thick bush or open tree savannas. On our way we learn about the resident animal species. As game drives are limited to 6 guests, we will always have time for in-depth animal observation, stopping for pictures or getting out of the car to try and stalk an animal.


  • Reitausflüge auf Kuzikus

    Black Rhino Tracking

    Viewing Rhinos in Namibia mostly occurs at night at artificially illuminated waterpoints or driving to designated feeding places to well habituated White Rhinos. Kuzikus offers an exciting alternative. As Black Rhinos are notoriously shy, hiding in thick bushveld over the course of the day, the Kalahari sand and its open Savanna habitat presents us the opportunity to track these animals on foot. We start before sunrise and together with an expert San we follow the fresh rhino trail, and once found, approach it as conditions turn favourable. In this way you will discover this amazing animal in an extraordinary setting.


  • Reitausflüge auf Kuzikus

    Kalahari horseriding

    Africa on horsebackOur ten riding horses are well trained and taken care of by a trained professional who will be glad to give riding lessons or accompany you on a Kalahari ride, no matter whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider. The horses are used to game (including rhinoceros and giraffes). This means that the animals can often be ridden past game at close distance.


  • Sonstige Aktivitäten auf Kuzikus

    Other activities

    - 2,5 days Kalahari Ranger course
    - Glamping Kalahari exclusive – a night with rustic candlelight dinner & camping in the Savanna
    - Daily scenic flight excursions from Kuzikus to Sossusvlei, 4x4 Trail to Dunes & Lunch
    - Hiking trails and Bush walkways


  • Outdoor Adventure Safaris

    Outdoor Adventure Safaris

    We (Alina & Dieter) have been established in Namibia for many years, we are situated locally and are knowledgeable of the country. Due to our engagement in animal and nature conservation, we can offer you the unique possibility to visit remote regions to which we have access and to which we travel only with our off-road vehicles. In addition to the many highlights of Namibia we want to introduce you to many more secluded areas which are not even listed in travel guides.