Biologists excursoins with Kuzikus
Peacfule scorpion in the Kalahari
Wildebeest after rainy season at Kuzikus
Kaharia Suricate
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Biologists excursoins in the Kalahari

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Kalahari Scorpion

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Wilderness Excursions

A typical aspect of a safari in Africa is the acquaintance of the fascinating fauna and flora.
Due to prevailing conditions of a conventional safari the visitor has to be satisfied with the passive status of being an observer. He/she can make his observations from a safe vehicle and within a group of travellers where an experienced tour guide explains facts about fauna and flora in a competent manner.
Due to these circumstances the interested nature lover lacks the possibility to discuss the ecological correlations nor can he acquire first-hand knowledge about the environment on his own as he is not afforded enough possibilities to explore nature on his own.

An excursion into the Kalahari on our wildlife reserve Kuzikus offers the right conditions for an in-depth immersion into nature. The only possibility to establish a direct contact with nature, understand it, elicit some secrets and to see what treasures she carries is within a small group of participants.

Due to the individual character of our Kalahari Excursion (groups of 2 to max. 4 guests) as well as the aspect of "on foot through the bush" it is possible to carry out independent discoveries in nature and gain deep insights into the ecology.

The elementary basis for the excursion is the in-depth knowledge of the qualified Biologists within our family, our experiences from 30 years of managing a wildlife territory, our engagement for projects towards protection of endangered species,the close co-operation with bushmen in the West Caprivi and private contacts and lively communication with international, scientific institutions.

Our aim is to discover the Kalahari eco-system over a time span of 1 - 3 days (depending on the guest) during the mornings as well as during the afternoons for 3 - 4 hours respectively. Here observations of various wild and bird species, as well as their interaction with the other Kalahari biodiversity are being discussed. Furthermore, we will introduce you to various research and nature conservation projects and afford you an insight into wildlife management.

It is important that you move on foot (stalking) through the various vegetation zones of the reserve (savannah landscape, bush and saltpan). By way of this movement (stalking) you can experience the distinct differences of the various vegetation zones more clearly, you can directly experience contact with the wild animals and you can feel the elements of nature, namely heat, cold and drought more intensively.

You will notice how much more you can hear, see and smell once you can understand and interpret the signs of the Kalahari. 

Kalahari Excursions

An important part of a safari is getting to know African nature and wildlife. Many tourists visit National Parks where it is prohibited to leave the vehicle. Visitors are therefore forced into the passive role of the observer.

Our Kalahari Excursions attempt to show the deeper connections present in nature. You learn more about animal behaviour, different habitats and social structures in the various species. It deems us important that you move through nature on foot to feel the heat, cold and dryness, to experience how tiresome a march in the deep Kalahari sand can be, avoiding thorn bushes and still keeping your eyes on an animal track. We will show you how you can hear, see and smell more through correct conduct in nature.

More than forty years of experience on our wildlife reserve, as well as the competent knowledge of biologists in our family make this course interesting. Older bushmen accompany you, willing to share their unprecedented wisdom and knowledge of nature.

Excursions can be booked on site either as half-day trips focusing of specific topics such as:

  • Kalahari botany - plants and their ecology
  • Ornithology - Birds on Kuzikus
  • Wildlife Management - An insight into sustainable wildlife use

Kalahari exclusive - A night with rustic candlelight dinner & glamping in the Savanna

By yourself, with your partner or in the company of your family/friends this excursion takes you far away from civilisation. Early afternoon a short game drive will bring you to a small rustic tented camp with good quality beds and all you really need. No internet, no electricity, nothing but You and Nature will give you the opportunity to soak up the immense tranquillity of the savanna afternoon. A traditional stew, a campfire and a good bottle of south African wine will be ready for you as the sun sets. After a relaxing cup of tea the next morning you will hike back to the Lodge where we are awaiting you with a hearty breakfast.