Feeling home in Africa


My boyfriend and I started our trip to Nambia spending five days in Kuzikus, having heard about it from friends previously been there and having enjoyed the experience a lot.

We couldn't be happier of this choice!

Kuzikus is a family run place and you can feel this in everything. The general manager shares meals with guests, telling about his and his family's experciences in wild Africa. The schedule of activities is flexible and discussed with guests according to everyone's wishes. You really feel that you're taken care of and at the end of the stay it feels like beeing with friends.

Rooms are nice and decorated truly "African style" with leathers and other items being hunted by the owner or his family, which I liked as it makes the style authentic.

The farm is 10k hectards big and there is so much to do and see! We went out every afternoon with a 4x4 for animals tracking, and a couple of time horse riding - which I loved as you really feel a part of the sorrounding nature. Also we went on tracks recognition with local people and to visit the biological research camp that the farm hosts. We ended up not spending much time around the pool !, althouhg it's nice to chill out for a couple of hours.

One more word about food - we loved it ! Mostly game meat from the farm, super tasty and far from anything we eat in Europe. Lunch is served outside and dinner in a nice separated room with fireplace. Also a fire is lit up outside for guest to enjoy drinks before dinner.

To sum up we found our stay authentic and magical. It's a good start when travelling around Namibia.
Will definitely try to go back

Perfect & relaxed holiday start
Namibias wildlife wonder